Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania Advocates (PPPA)

Voter's Guide

= Endorsed by Planned Parenthood
SUPPORTS = Candidate believes abortion remain a safe and legal medical procedure for women to consider. Candidate supports access to and funding of family planning and prevention services.
OPPOSES = Candidate opposes legal abortion, candidate opposes access to and funding of family planning and prevention services.
MIXED = Candidate questionnaire response, voting record, or public statements are sometimes SUPPORTS, sometimes OPPOSES, or unclear.
NO RESPONSE = Candidate did not respond to questionnaire or no other reliable information is available.

District Party Candidate Name Position on Reproductive Health
and Family Planning
National D BARACK OBAMA (Incumbent) Supports
National R MITT ROMNEY (Challenger) Opposes
District Party Candidate Name Position on Reproductive Health
and Family Planning
National D JOE BIDEN (Incumbent) Supports
National R PAUL RYAN (Challenger) Opposes
District Party Candidate Name Position on Reproductive Health
and Family Planning
National D BOB CASEY (Incumbent) Mixed
National R TOM SMITH (Challenger) Opposes
District Party Candidate Name Position on Reproductive Health
and Family Planning
1 D ROBERT BRADY (Incumbent) Supports
1 R JOHN FEATHERMAN (Challenger) No Response
2 D CHAKA FATTAH (Incumbent) Supports
2 R ROBERT MANSFIELD (Challenger) No Response
3 R MIKE KELLY (Incumbent) Opposes
3 D MISSA EATON (Challenger) Supports
4 R SCOTT PERRY (Open Seat) Opposes
4 D HARRY PERKINSON (Open Seat) Supports
5 R GLENN THOMPSON (Incumbent) Opposes
5 D CHARLES DUMAS (Challenger) No Response
6 D MANAN TRIVEDI (Challenger) Supports
6 R JIM GERLACH (Incumbent) Opposes
7 D GEORGE BADEY (Challenger) Supports
7 R PATRICK MEEHAN (Incumbent) Opposes
8 R MIKE FITZPATRICK (Incumbent) Opposes
8 D KATHY BOOCKVAR (Challenger) Supports
9 R BILL SHUSTER (Incumbent) Opposes
9 D KAREN RAMSBURG (Challenger) No Response
10 R THOMAS MARINO (Incumbent) Opposes
10 D PHILIP SCOLLO (Challenger) No Response
11 R LOU BARLETTA (Incumbent) Opposes
11 D GENE STILP (Challenger) Mixed
12 R KEITH ROTHFUS (Challenger) Opposes
12 D MARK CRITZ (Incumbent) Opposes
13 R JOSEPH ROONEY (Challenger) Opposes
13 D ALLYSON SCHWARTZ (Incumbent) Supports
14 D MIKE DOYLE (Incumbent) Mixed
14 R HANS LESSMANN (Challenger) Opposes
15 R CHARLES DENT (Incumbent) Mixed
15 D RICHARD DAUGHERTY (Challenger) Opposes
16 D ARYANNA STRADER (Challenger) Supports
16 R JOSEPH PITTS (Incumbent) Opposes
17 D MATTHEW CARTWRIGHT (Open Seat) No Response
17 R LAUREEN CUMMINGS (Open Seat) Opposes
18 D LAWRENCE MAGGI (Challenger) Opposes
18 R TIM MURPHY (Incumbent) Opposes
District Party Candidate Name Position on Safe, Legal Abortion Position on Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
Statewide D KATHLEEN KANE (Open Seat) Supports Supports
Statewide R DAVID FREED (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
District Party Candidate Name Position on Safe, Legal Abortion Position on Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
Statewide D ROBERT MCCORD (Incumbent) Supports Supports
Statewide R DIANE IRAY VAUGHAN (Challenger) Opposes No Response
District Party Candidate Name Position on Safe, Legal Abortion Position on Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
Statewide D EUGENE DEPASQUALE (Open Seat) Supports Supports
Statewide R JOHN MAHER (Open Seat) Opposes Opposes
District Party Candidate Name Position on Safe, Legal Abortion Position on Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
1 D LAWRENCE FARNESE (Incumbent) Supports Supports
1 R ALFONSO GAMBONE (Challenger) Opposes No Response
3 D SHIRLEY KITCHEN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
5 D MIKE STACK (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
5 R MICHAEL TOMLINSON (Challenger) No Response No Response
7 D VINCENT HUGHES (Incumbent) Supports Supports
9 D PATRICA WORRELL (Challenger) Supports Supports
9 R DOMINIC PILEGGI (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
11 R KAREN MOGEL (Challenger) No Response No Response
11 D JUDY SCHWANK (Incumbent) Supports Supports
13 R LLOYD SMUCKER (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
13 D TOM O'BRIEN (Challenger) No Response No Response
15 D ROBERT TEPLITZ (Open Seat) Supports Supports
15 R JOHN MCNALLY (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
17 D DAYLIN LEACH (Incumbent) Supports Supports
17 R CHARLES HENRY GEHRET (Challenger) Opposes No Response
19 D ANDREW DINNIMAN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
19 R CHRISTOPHER AMENTAS (Challenger) Opposes No Response
21 D SCOTT HUTCHINSON (Open Seat) Opposes Opposes
23 D LUANA CLEVELAND (Challenger) Supports Supports
23 R GENE YAW (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
25 R JOSEPH SCARNATI (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
27 R JOHN GORDNER (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
29 D TIM SEIP (Challenger) Opposes Supports
29 R DAVID ARGALL (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
31 R PAT VANCE (Incumbent) Supports Supports
33 R RICHARD ALLOWAY (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
33 D BRUCE NEYLON (Challenger) No Response No Response
35 D JOHN WOZNIAK (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
35 R TIM HOUSER (Challenger) Opposes No Response
37 R D. RAJA (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
37 D MATT SMITH (Open Seat) Supports Supports
39 R KIM WARD (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
41 R DONALD WHITE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
43 D JAY COSTA (Incumbent) Supports Supports
45 D JAMES BREWSTER (Incumbent) Supports Supports
47 D KIMBERLY VILLELLA (Challenger) Supports Supports
47 R ELDER VOGEL (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
49 D SEAN WILEY (Open Seat) Supports Supports
49 R JANET ANDERSON (Open Seat) No Response No Response
District Party Candidate Name Position on Safe, Legal Abortion Position on Family Planning and
Reproductive Health
1 D PATRICK HARKINS (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
2 D FLO FABRIZIO (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
3 D RYAN BIZZARO (Open Seat) No Response No Response
3 R JASON OWEN (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
4 R CURT SONNEY (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
5 D JASON WHITE (Open Seat) Supports Supports
5 R GREG LUCAS (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
6 R BRAD ROAE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
7 D MARK LONGIETTI (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
8 R RICHARD STEVENSON (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
9 D CHRIS SAINATO (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
9 R JASON MURTHA (Challenger) Opposes No Response
10 D JARET GIBBONS (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
10 R MICHAEL SEE (Challenger) Opposes No Response
11 R BRIAN ELLIS (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
12 R DARYL METCALFE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
13 R JOHN LAWRENCE (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
13 D ERIC SCHOTT (Challenger) Supports Supports
14 D JIM MARSHALL (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
15 R JIM CHRISTIANA (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
15 D BOB WILLIAMS (Challenger) No Response No Response
16 D ROBERT MATZIE (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
16 R KATHY CODER (Challenger) Opposes No Response
17 R MICHELE BROOKS (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
18 R GENE DIGIRALOMO (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
19 D JAKE WHEATLEY (Incumbent) Supports Supports
20 D ADAM RAVENSTAHL (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
21 D DOM COSTA (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
22 D ERIN MOLCHANY (Open Seat) Supports Supports
22 R CHRIS CRATSLEY (Open Seat) Opposes Mixed
23 D DAN FRANKEL (Incumbent) Supports Supports
24 D ED GAINEY (Incumbent) Supports Supports
25 D JOE MARKOSEK (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
25 R MIKE DOYLE (Challenger) Opposes No Response
26 R TIM HENNESSEY (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
26 D MIKE HAYS (Challenger) Supports Supports
27 D DAN DEASY (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
28 R MIKE TURZAI (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
29 D BRIAN MUNROE (Challenger) Supports Supports
29 R BERNIE O'NEILL (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
30 R HAL ENGLISH (Open Seat) No Response No Response
30 D DAVE TUSICK (Open Seat) Supports Supports
31 D STEVE SANTARSIERO (Incumbent) Supports Supports
31 R ANNE CHAPMAN (Challenger) Opposes Opposes
32 D ANTHONY DELUCA (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
32 R LAWRENCE PALADIN (Challenger) No Response No Response
33 D FRANK DERMODY (Incumbent) Supports Supports
33 R GARY VAEREWYCK (Challenger) Opposes No Response
34 D PAUL COSTA (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
35 D MARC GERGELY (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
36 D HARRY READSHAW (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
37 D RUSSELL STAHLEY (Open Seat) No Response No Response
37 R MINDY FEE (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
38 D WILLIAM KORTZ (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
39 R RICK SACCONE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
39 D DAVE LEVDANSKY (Challenger) Supports Supports
40 R JOHN MAHER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
41 R RYAN AUMENT (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
41 D MARCY DUBROFF (Challenger) No Response No Response
42 D MATTHEW SMITH (Incumbent) Supports Supports
43 D JOHN WEIGEL (Open Seat) Supports Supports
43 R KEITH GRENIER (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
44 R MARK MUSTIO (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
44 D MARK SCAPPE (Challenger) Supports Supports
45 D NICK KOTIK (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
45 R AARON KIME (Challenger) Opposes Mixed
46 D JESSE WHITE (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
47 R KEITH GILLESPIE (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
47 D SARAH SPEED (Challenger) Supports Supports
48 D BRANDON NEUMAN (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
49 D PETER DALEY (Incumbent) Mixed Mixed
49 R RICHARD MASSAFRA (Challenger) Opposes No Response
50 D PAM SNYDER (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
50 R MARK FISCHER (Open Seat) No Response No Response
51 D TIM MAHONEY (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
51 R GARY GEARING (Challenger) No Response No Response
52 D DEBERAH KULA (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
53 D MICK WYNNE (Challenger) No Response No Response
53 R ROBERT GODSHALL (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
54 D PATRICK LEYLAND (Challenger) No Response No Response
54 R ELI EVANKOVICH (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
55 D JOE PETRARCA (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
55 R JOHN HAUSER (Challenger) No Response No Response
56 D BUD GEISSLER (Challenger) No Response No Response
56 R GEORGE DUNBAR (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
57 D AJ GALES (Challenger) Mixed Supports
57 R TIM KREIGER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
58 D TED HARHAI (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
59 D HARRIET ELLENBERGER (Challenger) Supports Supports
59 R MIKE REESE (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
60 R JEFFREY PYLE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
60 D JO ELLEN BOWMAN (Challenger) Supports Supports
61 R KATE HARPER (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
61 D JO WHITE (Challenger) Supports Supports
62 R DAVE REED (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
63 R DONNA OBERLANDER (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
64 R LEE JAMES (Open Seat) No Response No Response
65 R KATHY RAPP (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
66 R SAM SMITH (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
67 R MARTIN CAUSER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
68 R MATTHEW BAKER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
69 R CARL METZGAR (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
70 D MATTHEW BRADFORD (Incumbent) Supports Supports
70 R JIM PHILLIPS (Challenger) No Response No Response
71 D BRYAN BARBIN (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
71 R SHERRY STALLEY (Challenger) No Response No Response
72 D FRANK BURNS (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
73 D GARY HALUSKA (Incumbent) Mixed Mixed
73 R RANDALL WILSON (Challenger) No Response No Response
74 D MARK MCCRACKEN (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
74 R THOMAS SANKEY (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
75 R MATTHEW GABLER (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
76 D MIKE HANNA (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
77 D SCOTT CONKLIN (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
77 R RON REESE (Challenger) No Response No Response
78 R DICK HESS (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
79 D RICHARD FLAREND (Open Seat) No Response No Response
79 R JOHN MCGUINNESS (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
80 R JERRY STERN (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
81 R MIKE FLECK (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
82 R ADAM HARRIS (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
83 D RICK MIRABITO (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
83 R HARRY ROGERS (Challenger) No Response No Response
84 R GARTH EVERETT (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
85 R FRED KELLER (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
86 R MARK KELLER (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
87 R GLENN GRELL (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
88 R SHERYL DELOZIER (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
89 D SUSAN SPICKA (Challenger) No Response No Response
89 R ROBERT KAUFFMAN (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
90 R TODD ROCK (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
91 R DAN MOUL (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
92 D CHARLES COMREY (Challenger) Supports Supports
92 R MIKE REGAN (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
93 D LINDA SMALL (Challenger) Supports Supports
93 R RON MILLER (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
94 R STAN SAYLOR (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
95 D EUGENE DEPASQUALE (Incumbent) Supports Supports
96 D MIKE STURLA (Incumbent) Supports Supports
96 R THOMAS GARMAN (Challenger) Opposes No Response
97 R JOHN BEAR (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
98 R DAVE HICKERNELL (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
99 R GORDON DENLINGER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
100 R BRYAN CUTLER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
101 R MAUREE GINGRICH (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
102 R ROSEMARIE SWANGER (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
103 D PATTY KIM (Open Seat) No Response Supports
104 D CHRIS DIETZ (Challenger) Supports Supports
104 R SUE HELM (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
105 D KELLY JEAN MCENTEE (Challenger) Supports Supports
105 R RON MARSICO (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
106 D OSMAN KAMARA (Challenger) Supports Supports
106 R JOHN PAYNE (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
107 D TED YEAGER (Challenger) Supports Supports
107 R KURT MASSER (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
108 R LYNDA SCHLEGEL-CULVER (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
109 D DAN KNORR (Challenger) Supports Supports
109 R DAVID MILLARD (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
110 R TINA PICKETT (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
111 D JEFFREY DAHLANDER (Challenger) Supports Supports
111 R SANDRA MAJOR (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
112 D KEVIN HAGGARTY (Open Seat) No Response No Response
112 R RAY NEARHOOD (Open Seat) No Response No Response
113 D MARTY FLYNN (Open Seat) No Response No Response
114 D SID MICHAEL KAVULICH (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
115 D FRANK FARINA (Open Seat) No Response No Response
115 R THERESA KANE (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
116 D RANSOM YOUNG (Challenger) Supports Supports
116 R TARAH TOOHIL (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
117 R KAREN BOBACK (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
118 D MIKE CARROLL (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
119 D GERALD MULLERY (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
119 R RICK ARNOLD (Challenger) Opposes No Response
120 D PHYLLIS MUNDY (Incumbent) Supports Supports
120 R AARON KAUFER (Challenger) No Response No Response
121 D EDDIE DAY PASHINSKI (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
122 D RON RABENOLD (Challenger) No Response No Response
122 R DOYLE HEFFLEY (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
123 D NEAL GOODMAN (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
124 R JERRY KNOWLES (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
125 D VICKI HARMAN (Challenger) No Response No Response
125 R MIKE TOBASH (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
126 D MARK ROZZI (Open Seat) Supports Supports
126 R JAMES BILLMAN (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
127 D TOM CALTIGIRONE (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
128 R MARK GILLEN (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
129 D ERIK SAAR (Challenger) No Response No Response
129 R JIM COX (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
130 D RUSSELL DIESINGER (Challenger) Supports Supports
130 R DAVID MALONEY (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
131 D KEVIN DEELY (Challenger) Supports Supports
131 R JUSTIN SIMMONS (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
132 D MIKE SCHLOSSBERG (Open Seat) Supports Supports
133 D DANNY MCNEILL (Open Seat) Supports Supports
133 R DAVID MOLONY (Open Seat) No Response No Response
134 D JOHN REYNARD (Challenger) No Response No Response
134 R RYAN MACKENZIE (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
135 D STEVE SAMUELSON (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
135 R KENNETH BARRETO (Challenger) No Response No Response
136 D ROBERT FREEMAN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
137 D JOE CAPOZZOLA (Challenger) Supports Supports
137 R JOE EMRICK (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
138 D LESLIE ALTIERI (Challenger) Supports Supports
138 R MARCIA HAHN (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
139 R MICHAEL PEIFER (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
140 D JOHN GALLOWAY (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
140 R ERIC DAVID (Challenger) No Response No Response
141 D TINA DAVIS (Incumbent) Supports Supports
141 R ANTHONY SPOSATO (Challenger) Opposes No Response
142 R FRANK FARRY (Incumbent) Supports Supports
143 D JOE FREDERICK (Challenger) Supports Supports
143 R MARGUERITE QUINN (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
144 R KATHERINE WATSON (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
145 D MARY WHITESELL (Challenger) No Response No Response
145 R PAUL CLYMER (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
146 D MARK PAINTER (Challenger) Supports Supports
146 R THOMAS QUIGLEY (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
147 D BETTY WHITE (Challenger) Supports Supports
147 R MARCY TOEPEL (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
148 D MARY JO DALEY (Open Seat) Supports Supports
148 R MIKE LUDWIG (Open Seat) No Response No Response
149 D TIM BRIGGS (Incumbent) Supports Supports
149 R PERRIN HAMILTON (Challenger) No Response No Response
150 D KELLY DEVINE (Challenger) Supports Supports
150 R MIKE VEREB (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
151 D WILL SYLIENTENG (Challenger) Supports Supports
151 R TODD STEPHENS (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
152 R THOMAS MURT (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
152 D RON KOLLA (Challenger) Supports Supports
153 D MADELEINE DEAN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
153 R NICHOLAS MATTIACI (Challenger) No Response No Response
154 D STEVE MCCARTER (Open Seat) Supports Supports
154 R MARK SIRINIDIES (Open Seat) No Response No Response
155 D JOSH MAXWELL (Open Seat) Supports Supports
155 R BECKY CORBIN (Open Seat) Opposes No Response
156 D BRET BINDER (Challenger) Supports Supports
156 R DAN TRUITT (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
157 D PAUL DRUCKER (Challenger) Supports Supports
157 R WARREN KAMPF (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
158 D SUSAN RZUCIDLO (Challenger) Supports Supports
158 R CHRIS ROSS (Incumbent) Supports Supports
159 D THADDEUS KIRKLAND (Incumbent) Supports Supports
159 R JAMES SCHILIRO (Challenger) No Response No Response
160 R STEPHEN BARRAR (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
161 D LARRY DEMARCO (Challenger) Supports Supports
161 R JOE HACKETT (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
162 R NICK MICARELLI (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
163 D SHEAMUS BONNER (Challenger) Supports Supports
163 R NICHOLAS MICOZZIE (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
164 D MARGO DAVIDSON (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
164 R EARL TOOLE (Challenger) No Response No Response
165 D JEREMY FEARN (Challenger) No Response No Response
165 R BILL ADOLPH (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
166 D GREG VITALI (Incumbent) Supports Supports
166 R BILL TOAL (Challenger) No Response No Response
167 D ROBERT BRODERICK (Challenger) Supports Supports
167 R DUANE MILNE (Incumbent) Supports Supports
168 D BETH ALOIS (Challenger) Supports Supports
168 R TOM KILLION (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
169 D ED NEILSON (Incumbent) No Response No Response
169 R DAVID KRALLE (Challenger) No Response No Response
170 D BRENDAN BOYLE (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
171 D CHRISTOPHER LEE (Challenger) No Response No Response
171 R KERRY BENNINGHOFF (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
172 D KEVIN BOYLE (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
172 R AL TAUTENBERGER (Challenger) No Response No Response
173 D MIKE MCGEEHAN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
174 D JOHN SABATINA (Incumbent) Supports Supports
175 D MIKE O'BRIEN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
176 D MAUREEN MADDEN (Challenger) Supports Supports
176 R MARIO SCAVELLO (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
177 D WILLIAM DUNBAR (Challenger) Supports Supports
177 R JOHN TAYLOR (Incumbent) Opposes Mixed
178 R SCOTT PETRI (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
179 D JAMES CLAY (Open Seat) No Response No Response
180 D ANGEL CRUZ (Incumbent) Supports Supports
181 D W. CURTIS THOMAS (Incumbent) Supports Supports
182 D BRIAN SIMS (Open Seat) Supports Supports
183 R JULIE HARHART (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
184 D WILLIAM KELLER (Incumbent) Supports Supports
185 D MARIA DONATUCCI (Incumbent) Mixed Supports
186 D JORDAN HARRIS (Open Seat) No Response No Response
187 D JOSEPH HAAS (Challenger) Supports Supports
187 R GARY DAY (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
188 R ERNEST ADKINS (Challenger) No Response No Response
188 D JAMES ROEBUCK (Incumbent) Supports Supports
189 D ELIZABETH FORREST (Challenger) Supports Supports
189 R ROSEMARY BROWN (Incumbent) Opposes No Response
190 D VANESSA LOWERY BROWN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
191 D RONALD WATERS (Incumbent) Supports Supports
192 D LOUISE BISHOP (Incumbent) Supports Supports
193 D ANTHONY MCNEVIN (Challenger) No Response No Response
193 R WILL TALLMAN (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
194 D PAM DELISSIO (Incumbent) Supports Supports
194 R LINDA WOLFE BATEMAN (Challenger) No Response No Response
195 D MICHELLE BROWNLEE (Incumbent) Supports Supports
196 R SETH GROVE (Incumbent) Opposes Supports
197 R STEVE CRUM (Open Seat) Supports Supports
197 D JOSE MIRANDA (Open Seat) No Response No Response
198 D ROSITA YOUNGBLOOD (Incumbent) Supports Supports
199 R STEPHEN BLOOM (Incumbent) Opposes Opposes
200 D CHERELLE PARKER (Incumbent) Supports Supports
201 D STEPHEN KINSEY (Open Seat) Supports Supports
202 D MARK COHEN (Incumbent) Supports Supports
203 D DWIGHT EVANS (Incumbent) Supports Supports

If you have any questions about the Voters Guide, please contact us at or 717-234-3024.